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Blue Ammonia

In recent years, ammonia’s role has evolved beyond being a crucial component in the fertilizer industry and the global food supply chain, which accounts for approximately 70% of its usage. It has transformed into a carbon-neutral, transportable form of energy.

Blue ammonia is a promising low-carbon method for ammonia production, primarily through steam methane reformation (SMR) or via autothermal reformation (ATR). Both approaches involve capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) during hydrogen production, which is later combined with nitrogen to create ammonia. Notably, ammonia is gaining recognition as an efficient carrier for hydrogen, a clean-burning fuel with zero carbon emissions.

The interest in hydrogen as a versatile energy source has surged, and ammonia has emerged as a practical means of storing and transporting hydrogen. By converting ammonia back into hydrogen gas, it can be utilized in various applications. The blue ammonia market is on the verge of a substantial expansion, with an expected 25% increase in ammonia demand by 2050, as per the forecasts provided by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Ongoing research and development initiatives are actively exploring diverse applications for ammonia. These applications encompass the use of ammonia as a fuel for internal combustion engines, marine vessels, power generation through gas turbines, and direct ammonia fuel cells.

Ammonia Industry Leaders

Giammarco-Vetrocoke was born from the vision of the director of one of Italy’s largest ammonia production facilities, making it deeply rooted in the ammonia industry. With this solid foundation, we have expanded our influence globally, and today, hundreds of ammonia plants worldwide operate with GV technologies for CO2 capture. Our origins within the ammonia sector have allowed us to develop specialized solutions that not only enhance energy efficiency but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability. As a result, we continue to be a trusted name, known for the reliability and performance of our technologies.

Our state-of-the-art technologies are highly effective in capturing CO2 from syngas. Utilizing innovative methods, we can reach exceptional levels of CO2 capture, reducing the syngas CO2 content to as little as 100 parts per million (ppm).

In our history, we have accumulated 350+ references in the hydrogen and ammonia industry. Currently, we are actively engaged in 8 projects related to blue ammonia and blue hydrogen.

Key Data Highlights
  • CO2 content in syngas to 100 ppm
  • 350+ references
  • Engaged in 8 CCUS projects