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HPC – EcoEnergi®

In the HPC – EcoEnergi® scheme, the stripping section is strategically divided into two segments to harness the flash steam generated from one section of the solution (for pressure reduction), effectively using it to regenerate another stream of solution. This ingenious cascade regeneration principle significantly enhances thermal efficiency, resulting in an impressive 40% reduction in thermal energy consumption compared to the Genesys® scheme.

The flexibility of this system allows the stripping columns to be fed either in series or in parallel, tailored to meet specific purity and CO2 condition requirements at the battery limits.

The optimal deployment of the HPC – EcoEnergi® scheme is within medium to high-capacity plants, particularly focusing on minimizing operational expenses and addressing challenges posed by the impractical dimensions of a single stripper.

This innovative approach has already been successfully implemented in 70+ new or revamped plants within the syngas and steel sectors, underlining its proven effectiveness and versatility.

HPC – EcoEnergi®
  • Reduces heat consumption
  • Best for large scale application
Our Customizations

Designing Excellence

In addition to various regeneration schemes, the CO2 capture units by Giammarco-Vetrocoke can be equipped with numerous customizable features based on the specific application. Below is a non-exhaustive list of possibilities that can be adopted:

1. Number of Absorption and Regeneration Stages
The capture method can involve single-stage absorption/stripping, split stream (solution fed into the absorber at different temperatures), or dual-stage, depending on the specific application and the desired capture target.

2. Solvent Type
All formulations are based on Hot Potassium Carbonate salt dissolved in water. However, depending on the application, they can be either singly activated, doubly activated, Oxygen Proof type, or without any promoter at all.

Solution is not toxic, free from foaming and corrosion, and all solution formulations are freely available on the market and not tied to single vendors.

3. CO2 Purity
Depending on the specific requirement for CO2 purity at battery limits, a device can be installed to release any gases physically absorbed with the solution, thereby increasing the purity level of the final carbon dioxide. A further improvement can be implemented in order to increase the CO2 purity and, at the same time, reduce the CO2 loss.

4. Thermal Energy Reuse
In general, CO2 capture using the HPC (Hot Potassium Carbonate) process needs an external heat source for the solvent regeneration. However, this heat is almost entirely recovered and can be reused for DMW preheating, District Heating, or other integrations that dramatically reduce the net OpEx of the capture island.

HPC – EcoEnergi®
  • Reduces heat consumption
  • Best for large scale application