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HPC – ElecTron®

The HPC – ElecTron® scheme was designed to power an HPC capture system using electricity  alone, making it entirely independent of thermal utilities on an ongoing basis. This innovative  approach taps into the natural heat produced by the capture system itself….

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Group 532

HPC – Genesys®

The HPC – Genesys® scheme, comprising an absorber and a stripper, represents  the simplest and most widely applicable approach. It is a traditional mainstay in HPC processes,  known for its user-friendly nature and cost-effectiveness. Each of the alternative schemes presented by…

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Group 535

HPC – EcoEnergi®

In the HPC – EcoEnergi® scheme, the stripping section is strategically divided into two segments to harness the flash steam generated from one section of the solution (for pressure reduction), effectively using it to regenerate another stream of solution. This ingenious…

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Group 534

HPC – NovaFlash®

In the HPC – NovaFlash® scheme, the tendency of the solution to generate steam due to pressure reduction is exploited in a flash tank. Unlike the EcoEnergi® scheme, the produced steam is recompressed, using an ejector or MVR, back to the…

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Group 536

HPC – VoidCapture®

The HPC – VoidCapture® scheme capitalizes on the unique property of the GV solution to regenerate at pressures below atmospheric. This characteristic enables a lower stripping temperature, facilitating the use of waste heat as a thermal source. A vacuum pump is…

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